A new adventure begins!

A new adventure begins!

It’s the Monday after we went public, looking back at the weekend, the response has been so warm and exciting. I wanted to start our first blog thanking every single one of you because you’re the ones making this possible, worthwhile and special. I’m Belen, co-founder, producer and video game translator… and also our blog’s author from today! Let’s get started!

The need for creating this studio was born out of our love for a genre that, while it’s growing in the west, still needs a bit of a push. We also have experience in the industry: Raz is a great game designer and artist working in games in Japan for a few years now, and I’ve been working in video game and multimedia localization for… it will be 8 years in 2021. Still, we wouldn’t be able to do this without the help of our team and everybody supporting us, I can’t thank you enough.

We started this journey hoping to bring more Japanese joseimuke games to international fans, but we’re still very small. Partnering with indie creators, our first game belongs to a genre that is very dear to us: it’s an otome game!

As fans of the genre, we’re very happy to be able to bring this game to English speakers around the world. It’s a short, simple, and sweet romantic comedy, and we loved it so much! This game features a funny and endearing cast, but its main charm is the protagonist and her interactions with the LIs: despite being a silent protagonist for the most part, she has a very strong personality and takes the lead in the relationship at all times. Yes, she gets to kabedon the boys, carry them princess style, and call them out if they try to flirt with her. This game has been applauded by Japanese fans for breaking gender norms, and indeed, its creator described it as a “role-reversal otome game”.

We’ll talk a bit more about the system in another post, but look forward to having many choices to choose from, and many endings to get! Despite being short, your choices and affection levels will affect the dialogue and story progression. As for the LIs, I’m working on their profiles and when that’s done, they’ll have proper introductions… But I’ll give you their names and sprites for now!

Big thanks to the creator for trusting us, it is an uncommon theme that a lot of people want to explore.

We have many plans for the future, indie releases will continue, but bigger games will be coming as well. We want to be close with the community, so you can always DM us suggestions for games you want to see localized on Twitter or Reddit. We’ll be looking forward to hearing from you! See you around!

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