Moonchime Studios is a publisher and localization company focused on expanding Japanese games and media in the west. Founded and loved by women, we have a team ready to tell your story all over the world.
We work mainly from Japanese into English and Spanish.

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A localization studio by fans for fans.

We believe in the power of stories and art, and we’re proud we continue to bring great stories and artistic efforts to audiences worldwide. We’ve given a voice to creators so that thousands can enjoy their work!

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Why Moonchime?

We love games
Our team is made up of gamers, anime lovers and visual novel enthusiasts. We treat every project with the care and love it deserves.
We understand Japanese culture
Living in Japan for a long time, we have a very deep understanding of its culture, which can make a big difference when translating nuances.
We connect fans and creators
We have experience as both localizers and fans. Keeping fans as close as possible to the creators brings the best experience possible.
We support creators
We bring games no matter if they were made by a small indie developer or a bigger team, helping them and giving them great conditions.


If you’re in need of assistance to publish your game, we’re here to help you! We offer a close and friendly partnership that will boost your game’s popularity around the globe.


Quality is our priority, we can work with you to ensure you can deliver a product your audience will love.


We offer quality localization services by a team of experienced translators, proofreaders, and editors. Our languages are mainly Japanese, English, and Spanish. We’ll be happy to adapt to your and your audience’s needs.


We can help you ensure that your game project is ready for the international market.

Publishing and localization services

Whether you’re a publisher or a developer, our professionals can help you lead your project to success!

Our latest projects

Haunted Obachestra is coming soon!

We've partnered up with Poni-Pachet to help them bring their latest title to English, Haunted Obachestra! This project will be launched via a Kickstarter campaign organized by Poni-Pachet and Moonchime Studios, with our company also in charge of localization.

Tokyo Onmyoji
Tokyo Onmyoji

Tokyo Onmyoji is an R-18 BL visual novel by Japanese publisher HolicWorks. Follow a strong-willed protagonist on a quirky, fast-paced story filled with humor, thrill, and action. Get to romance four love interests with charming and unique personalities, some of the protagonist’s relationships will be cute and warm, others intriguing and dangerous. It’s fully voiced and features beautiful art from Akira Sakamoto. Coming 2021.

My Dear Frankenstein
My Dear Frankenstein

“My Dear Frankenstein” is a point-and-click adventure visual novel produced by the indie Japanese circle Number7. As a newborn little monster, the protagonist will have to explore the City of Shipberry at night and search for the pieces of his heart that got scattered all around it. Players will get to delve into universal themes like life, friendship and grief through his experiences in this emotional quest.

I Love You!
I Love You!

'I Love You!' (好きだ!, Suki da!) is an indie otome game by Shinogi Shiohara. Follow the protagonist on her school days and meet a cast of endearing, funny characters. A romantic comedy with a silent protagonist that reverses the gender roles usually found in otome games. Discover all the endings and possibilities it has to offer and find love!

We love joseimuke!

We started localizing joseimuke, and it's still our greatest pride


Japanese term for media targeted towards women. This includes subgenres like otome and BL in case there's romance involved. Joseimuke has a very rich selection of themes and character archetypes. It's also an outlet for female creators in Japan and we want to give them a voice in the west!

Our founders


Translator and Producer

I'm a video game translator with 8 years of experience in the industry. I've worked in a wide variety of positions and projects and eventually found my passion in translating Japanese games in particular. I also have experience in multimedia localization. Avid visual novel reader and gamer!


Game Artist and Translator

I'm from California, USA and I love Japanese games, animation, and comics aimed at women! I moved to Japan in 2013 and became a 2D graphics artist in a Japanese mobile game company in 2016. I translate visual novels during my free time, and I am currently designing and writing a visual novel game on my own.

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